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Design, histories, futures

Public talks and lectures

The topics I speak about have to do with how history matters for design and for design education; and on pasts and futures made through design.

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Recent and upcoming

Research Ethics

19 January 2022

Panelist in a half-day seminar on ethics in artistic/design research practices, gathering design researchers in Sweden, arranged by Konstfack, Stockholm.

Visions for the Future

17 December 2021

Seminar in the series '100 years of design and democracy' arranged by Linköping University, SVID and Svensk Form.

Skapa historia, göra design

Seminar presentation on "Making history, doing design" at the cross-disciplinary seminar exploring forms of knowledge in visual design, at Karlstad University, Department of media and communication.

25 November 2021

Design histories, design futures

14 October 2021

Open lecture at Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm.

Design Dialogues: The Kinship Method

Panelist at Beckmans School of Design, Stockholm, in a conversation about artistic research and design methods relating to Margot Barolo's project The Kinship Method.

5 October 2021

Nordes: Matters of Scale

During the Nordes conference, I was one of the opening session panel commenters, chaired a session on (Un)sustainability, and presented a paper of my own.

15-16 August 2021

Design, deltagande och demokrati

12 March 2021

In the seminar series celebrating 100 years of design and democracy, arranged by Linköping University, my contribution addressed design, participation and democracy - and why these neither as concepts nor as processes can be taken for granted.

Design Methods in the Kitchen

16-17 September 2020

I was invited as panelists in the online symposium Kitchen Power: National Parallels, arranged at the National Museum of Ireland. My talk highlighted the 1940s Home Research Institute and the feminist origins of Scandinavian user-centered design.

Designhistorier för framtiden

”Design histories for the future”, talk in connection to the exhibition Design Matters, Bildmuseet, Umeå 9 February 2020.

9 February 2020

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Design, deltagande och demokrati

Seminariet Alla vägar bär hit - Hundra år av design och demokrati

Talks: Video
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