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Winter is coming.

Every year in late autumn, people in Northern Sweden prepare for the coming winter. Tarpaulins are draped over lawn furniture and grills, ropes ensuring that snow and icy winds don't creep in under the protective cover. But what is it that we are trying to shield ourselves against? The climate crisis radically alters the seasonal rhythms we are used to, while wars and conflicts upend our notions of what we can expect everyday life to be like. Will next summer bring pleasant sunshine or scorching heat? Will we still be living in a peace with our neighbours? All we know is that winter is coming, and we do what is within our grasp to prepare for what we believe - and hope - it will be like. 

Exhibition of medium-format photography, 20x20x20 Spring Salon, Galleri Socker, Umeå. March 2020. 

Winter is coming: Text
Winter is coming: Work
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